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Those are cherry blossoms. (I don’t know, do they look like cherry blossoms to you? Uhm.) I won’t be able to see them in full bloom this year. Better luck next time, Allyana. *cries* I hope they’re still blooming when we visit my sister in May!

PS. I can’t wait for May! I’m already craving for an adventure!

Title : I Wouldn't Mind / Artist : He Is We
from the album Demo / 60 plays

Forever is a long time.

But I wouldn’t mind spending it by your side. 

I want to walk around our subdivision and take photos but… :( 

Summer adventures, where are you :(

Sleepless nights, overtime in school, skipping classes just to check and organize the files. Not only this, I also had to do the requirements for my clearance at the same time. My February became very crucial and depressing because of this. I can’t believe I survived it all. ☺

I actually thought the yearbook will be given weeks after graduation because we failed to meet the deadline. Then 2 days before graduation, I saw a stack of books (I didn’t know what it was then) covered in what seems to be recycled paper near our lobby. To my surprise, it had a paper taped to it that says “Yearbook 2014”. *screaming happy thoughts inside my brain*

Carnival is the theme of our yearbook, in case you’re wondering. 

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03 - 29 - 14 : Graduation Ball / Oscar Night

This is the last time that we will gather together as batch mates. The night was filled with fun and excitement. 5 hours wasn’t enough but.. it was all worth it! Until we meet again, legends. :) 

Warning : This post is slightly photo heavy. :) 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What camera and lens do you use? 
Canon 1100D - Kit lens 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS, 50mm f/1.8 II, and 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS II
Back then I used a Canon IXY Digital 70

2.) What pens or coloring materials to you use? 
Staedtler 6H, 2H, H, 2B, 3B, 5B, 8B / Uni Pin Fineliner 0.8, 0.1 / Sharpie
Faber Castell Watercolor Pencils / Reeves Watercolor and Acrylic Paint

3.) What do you use in editing your photos? How do you edit them?
Photoshop Cs5, I use my own 'curves' or experiment with other adjustments such as the levels and exposure. I sometimes add 'black & white' and turn it's opacity to 10%

4.) Why did you change your URL?
Personal reasons like unwanted visitors, stalkers and strict school I guess? And I thought maybe my translated name to Japanese could resolve all that. Also maybe because I’ve had enough of ‘taintedrainbows’ hahaha 

5.) Where do you buy your books?

PS. I live in the Philippines

For Keri Smith books such as Wreck This Journal, you can buy them in Fully Booked, Powerbooks or Bestseller. For John Green books, you can find them in your nearest National Bookstore. 

6.) Where did you get your theme?
It's a theme by arreter.tumblr called enigma. Mm.. I think I overedited the theme too much? Hahaha. I've been using this theme for a year now. But I really recommend arreter's themes. It's very simple and easy to modify.

7.) How did you do this thing under your ask box?!
I got it here (click)